PowerComm Intl

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PowerComm Intl

Company Goals

PowerComm is dedicated to creating energy solutions for the immediate and long-term future needs of both the developed and developing world.

Through our own and our strategic partners’ RDE and production of next generation batteries featuring “safe” and superior performance Li Ion and Mg Ion batteries, PowerComm will make a real difference in the lives of people and companies worldwide.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to take our innovative products and solutions from the drawing boards to delivery to the real world and real-world governments, companies and people.

Whether it’s preventing products containing unsafe “explosion-prone” Li Ion batteries, or aircraft transporting them, from thermal runaway, fire and blast, or delivering the needed cost-effective and price-performance characteristics for products ranging from PC’s to industrial equipment to aircraft to rapidly evolving electric vehicle markets, we deal with real-world energy problems and opportunities, in real ways!

Next Generation Lithium Ion Battery Technology

The Next Generation Lithium Ion Batteries have Increased Specs, Longer Battery Life & are More Chemically Stable than the Lithium Ion Batteries available Today.

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