Next Generation Lithium Ion Technology

As application of a Lithium battery, UPS of a traffic signal switches on in an instant, even when the electric current is cut off by disaster etc., and prevents a traffic accident, traffic congestion(jaming), etc.
UPS of our company has composition of Lithium battery of 2000Wh, and inverter of 600W.


Battery Capacity: Lithium Mangan system 600Wh
Inverter Output: 280W (Max 300W)
Battery Charger: 36V , 1.8A
Dimensions: 320 (W) x 230 (D) x 84 (H) mm
Weight: approximately 6.2Kg
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Battery Capacity: Lithium-Ion battery approximately 1800Wh
Inverter Output: 1500W
Battery Charger: 29.2V
Dimensions: 325 (W) x 580 (D) x 670 (H) mm
Weight: approximately 67Kg
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Doubled Battery Capacity of TK-02

Li-Ion battery (300Wh) , Li-Ion battery (1800Wh)

We are in the commercialisation stage of the next generation of Lithium battery

As pioneer of Magnesium battery after Lithium battery we are in correspondance with overseas matter inquiry from Turkey, Vietnam, Egypt, Singapore, and India.
Please inquire about overseas matter and Magnesium battery business, etc. from here.

Magnesium Battery (700Wh)
Magnesium battery related product
A trial production and sale

Next Generation Li-ion Battery

TO-A1 Dr.Ozawa(R) Battery

TO-A1R Dr.Ozawa(R) Battery Racing version

Dr.Ozawa(R) Battery developed as next generation Li-ion Battery, has world's first feature as following.

 *World First : This battery will be capable to replace Lead battery without any danger

 *World First : Metal case is not required because there is no fear of explosion or danger

 *World First : Safe battery, even if short circuit occurs

 *World First : Safe battery, even if Reverse-Connects +- terminal

 *World First : Unlike Lead battery or existing Li-ion battery, concern is not necessary for complete electric discharge of this battery which is the same as Nickel-Cadmium battery or Nickel-Hydride battery

 *World First : Hyper battery, can perform Multiple connection and Series connection with battery pack

 *World First : Hyper battery, is equivalent to Super Capacitor. Response is very good and Rush Current is the same as Super Capacitor

LED Lighting

It is the first LED lighting in the industry without power supply unit therefore electric noise doesn't occur and can control the dimmer, Full life of LED lighting can be secured without obstacle, because there is no reduction of LED lighting's life by degradation of power supply unit.

TM-3 LED Lantern


The example of Lithium battery hybrid system installation

24V 60Ah (1800Wh) Battery

The example of a lithium battery and inverter combination

UPS for traffic signals


Magnesium Battery

Magnesium battery TM-3 LED Lantern

The following three kinds of Magnesium battery are under developing.

 *Carbon Type

 *Carbonate Type (Coating and Cylindrical shape)

 *Alloy Type

Hybridizing of a Magnesium battery with a Li-ion battery is indispensable because Magnesium battery has characteristics of long time discharge with small current therefore can not respond to Rush Current which requires momentarily big current.

Hamoco Japan

Li-ion Type UPS, Li-ion/Mg Hybrid UPS

Energy Strategy